Share Live News

Livestation makes it easy to share what you're watching


Share a Live Channel to Facebook

If you’re watching something that you think is interesting, why not share it with your friends on Facebook? By pressing the share button you can share the stream you are watching to either your own wall or a friend’s.

We’re not just talking about sharing a link, your friends can just press play within Facebook, which means that they are immediately watching exactly what you are watching and you are able to talk about what’s being covered right now.



Grab a Screenshot and Add it to Your Tweets

A picture is worth a thousands words, and if you only have 140 characters to work with, those words will sure come in handy to get your message across. If you connect your Twitter account you’ll be able to attach screenshots of what you’re watching and it’s as easy as pressing a button. To be able to use the screenshot function you need to be connected with your twitter account.


Invite your friends to Livestation

Watching something interesting or important, and want to let your friends know right away? Just sign in with Facebook or connect your Facebook and Twitter profile after creating a Livestation account and you'll be able to invite your Facebook and Twitter friends while watching a channel. It's easy, click the invite button, select which friends you want to invite, add a message and then click the invite button. That’s it.